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Agriculture Is The Beginning

Woodstock Agricultural Society Receives OESF Grant

August 11th, 2020

The Woodstock Agricultural Society is excited and honored to be a successful $25,000 applicant for the Oxford County Economic Stimulus Fund Grant. Like most businesses in Oxford County, COVID-19 had a huge impact on the Society and the various vendors, customers and community organizations that relied on our Woodstock Fairground facilities. We had to close and many of the events and fundraisers held in our buildings cancelled. This impacted not only our bottom line, but that of many organizations’ income from events held here.

We recognize that physical distancing will remain a part of our new economic reality. The monies received from this grant will address our need to adapt our facilities to allow the bigger events to proceed with a closer to normal capacity in a safe manner and create opportunities for our community to use our facilities both indoor and outdoor for small and medium size events that may require more space than they would have previously.

With the OCES Grant, we will be able to reopen our facilities to our community partners benefitting not only us but many businesses across Oxford County.

To learn about the Oxford Economic Stimulus Fund and other projects that received funding, read the full media release here: OESF Grants

President: Gord Marshall
Woodstock Agricultural Society

The Society Forms

Circa 1836 Woodstock, Ontario numbers itself among the earliest of Agricultural Societies. It was formed less than fifty years after Ontario’s first Fall Fair was held in Niagara-on-the-Lake. From its inception in 1836, the Woodstock Agricultural Society, has been aligned with key figures and events in local history. And continues to be a Not-For-Profit Organization.

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Our Mission

"...encourage rural and urban communities to work together..."

The Woodstock Agricultural Society provides facilities and services to enhance the quality of life for all ages. It promotes events that encourage rural and urban communities to work together for their social and economic benefit.

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For Rural and Urban Togetherness

We are now accepting new members! Membership has many benefits, not to mention getting you closer to having a finger on the pulse of the agricultural community.

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