The Woodstock Agricultural Society

Circa 1836

Woodstock, Ontario numbers itself among the earliest of Agricultural Societies. It was formed less than fifty years after Ontario’s first Fall Fair was held in Niagara-on-the-Lake. From its inception in 1836, the Woodstock Agricultural Society, has been aligned with key figures and events in local history.

Our Mission

The Woodstock Agricultural Society provides facilities and services to enhance the quality of life for all ages. It promotes events that encourage rural and urban communities to work together for their social and economic benefit.


We are now accepting new members! Membership has many benefits, not to mention getting you closer to having a finger on the pulse of the heart of the agricultural community. Diversity has made membership even more rewarding, and really is the backbone of what the Woodstock Agricultural Society is all about. You can offer more than you think! If you are considering giving back to your community, and helping others as you are able, then give us a call and start a conversation!


“For Rural and Urban Togetherness”